Servicing your car with expertise and care

You are in safe hands with Melbourne's number one Mercedes specialist mechanics

Our services range from minor through to major service and cover the Industry recognized service classifications. Some of our customers biggest fears are like a parent would fear, taking their baby/their car to an unknown carer or mechanic. Risking their car or child being neglected in the care of others our customers are sensitive to that. Our customers are passionate and care about their cars.

Service is at the core of what we do and for us it’s all about customer satisfaction, the car simply doesn’t leave the workshop until we are all satisfied with its performance and It’s all running properly so the customer will be happy.


Our workshop incorporates a wide variety of tools to support minor and major repairs including such repairs like; major tires supplied, onsite trim repairs machinery. With our onsite technology and extensive supply chain we can get access to what's required.

With the breadth of work we do nothing leaves us unless it's to our quality standard and customer satisfaction requirements, it's just the way we do things at Gullwing Motors!


With a heritage of the old classics we can ensure you get the right advice and access to the right part replacement. Whether it needs to be sourced or manufactured. We can reproduce with our equipment and engineering skills the required part as the original for those older cars where the part can't be acquired anymore and are hard to get. We will get your car in mint condition.
We have two types of customers, with new high tech European cars and older classic prestige cars. Both are very fanatical about receiving high quality card for their vehicles. They don’t want anybody to work on their pride and joy unless they have proven 'know how' and expertise.

Most of our new customers have heard about what we can deliver and feel safe in handing over their precious cars. We are proud of that fact and feel honored that our customers trust Gullwing Motors as their preferred service partner.