Peter Beaufoy

I am a member of the Mercedes-Benz Club and as such I am aware of businesses which provide Service for Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

I have recommended Greg Montalto and Gullwing Motors to many Club Members and non-members. I am pleased to say that throughout the decade or more that I have been taking my cars to Gullwing and have been recommending that others do also, I have never had a complaint. While I continue to own Mercedes-Benz cars I will remain an enthusiastic customer.

I found that the assistance afforded to me by Greg Montalto and his staff was exceptional. they help me get the car to Concours condition led me to use them exclusively on all my subsequent Mercedes.

Whether it be Restoration, Repair or Regular Service Greg and Harry find time to discuss the presenting issues and to provide solutions.

For me Gullwing has been a ‘one stop shop’. On older cars parts can be made if currently unavailable. Panels can be welded. Rust can be removed. Genuine parts can be sourced from their multitude of contacts. Gullwing Motors has offered me value for money.